2.1.1555 Part 1 Section, trendlineLbl (Trendline Label)

a.   The standard does not fully specify the trendlineLbl element.

Office interprets this element to specify the formatting of the trendline label which annotates the parent trendline. The default text is determined by the dispEq and dispRSqr sibling elements.

b.   The standard does not state additional restrictions on when a trendline label is displayed.

Office does not display the trendline label if the val attribute of sibling element trendlineType is equal to movingAvg.

c.   The standard does not define the trendline label contents.

Office displays the text specified by the tx child element when tx element exists on the trendlineLbl, replacing the text generated by the dispEq and dispRSqr sibling elements.

d.   The standard states that this element can be a child of any trendline element.

In Office, this element shall only be specified if sibling element dispEq or dispRSqr is true.