2.1.252 Part 4 Section, tblStyleColBandSize (Number of Columns in Column Band)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for tblPr, §2.4.55(a); tblPr, §2.4.56(a); tblPr, §

a.   The standard states that the values of the val attribute are defined by the XML Schema integer datatype.

Word restricts the value of this attribute to be at least 0 and at most 3.

b.   The standard says the default for tblStyleColBandSize is 1.

Word uses 0 as the default for tblStyleColBadSize.

c.   The standard does not specify the meaning if tblStyleColBandSize is set to 0.

If tblStyleColBandSize is set to 0, Word does not apply any banded column conditional formatting.