2.1.231 Part 4 Section, latentStyles (Latent Style Information)

a.   The standard allows any integer for defUIPriorty.

Word allows values between 0 and 99 inclusive for defUIPriority.

b.   The standard says that count specifies how many built-in styles to apply latent style defaults to, but does not specify which ones.

Word applies these latent style defaults to the built-in styles in order of their index within Word’s built-in styles. The table listing the primary style names of the built-in styles ("[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; name") provides the index for each built-in style.

c.   The standard says the default value for defUiPriority is 99.

In Word, the default value for defUiPriority is 0.

d.   The standard does not specify default behavior when count is omitted.

If count is omitted, then Word applies the latent style defaults to all known built-in styles.