2.1.492 Part 1 Section, QUOTE

a.   The standard lists date-and-time-formatting switches twice in the list of switches allowed in a QUOTE field and leaves out numeric-formatting-switches.

In Word, the list of allowable switches in a QUOTE field includes numeric-formatting-switches.

b.   The standard specifies the field value of the QUOTE field as the text in the field argument without any transformation.

In Word, the text specified by text in field-argument may specify a character whose code point value is specified in decimal or hexadecimal.  Up to three digits shall be used to specify a character using decimal numbers.  Up to four digits shall be used to specify a character using hexadecimal (leading 0x or 0X). Word does not allow insertion of the code point 13 as a character.

c.   The standard says that a QUOTE field must contain at least one switch.

In Word, including a switch in the QUOTE field is optional.