2.1.1542 Part 4 Section, pictureOptions (Picture Options)

a.   The standard does not specify a relationship between the pictureFormat and pictureStackUnit child elements.

Office requires pictureStackUnit only be specified if pictureFormat is present with the val attribute equal to "stackScale", otherwise the chart will fail to load.

b.   The standard does not specify a relationship between this element and blipFill.

Office ignores this element when a blipFill child element is not specified on the sibling spPr element.

c.   The standard does not specify special behavior for individual parents.

Office ignores the pictureStackUnit child element when the parent of pictureOptions is the floor element.

d.   The standard states that this element is only a child of two ser parents, area and bar chart series.

Office allows this element to be a child of all ser elements except scatter chart series.

This note applies to the following products: 2007, 2007 SP1, 2007 SP2.