2.1.1709 Part 4 Section, shape (Shape Definition)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for background, §2.2.1(a); arc, §,mm-vv,aaa-jjj,lll,ooo, ppp,rrr-www,yyy, zzz,bbbb-hhhh); curve, §; image, §

a.   The standard does not document the format of the equationxml attribute.

Word uses a specific format for the equationxml attribute as defined by Equation XML (§3.8, Equation XML).

b.   The standard indicates that the format of the gfxdata attribute is application-defined.

Office formats this attribute as specified in the DrawingML Persistence Part (§3.1.4, DrawingML Persistence Part).

c.   The standard states that chromakey and opacity are valid attributes on the shape element.

Office does not support these attributes on this element.

d.   The standard states that the values of the spt attribute are defined by the XML Schema float datatype.

Office defines the values of this attribute with the ST_ShapeType (§3.9.5, ST_ShapeType) simple type.