2.1.75 Part 4 Section, eastAsianLayout (East Asian Typography Settings)

a.   The standard states that horizontal in vertical text is performed with rotation for vertical at 90 degrees in one location and 270 in another.

Word rotates text 90 degrees to the left.

b.   The standard states that the vertCompress attribute determines whether the rotated text shall be compressed at display time in order to ensure that it fits into the existing line height.

Word ignores this attribute.

c.   The standard does not state how to resolve conflicts between this element and the fitText element.

Word ignores this element if the fitText element is also present on the parent paragraph.

d.   The standard does not state how a conflict between the settings specified by the combine attribute and the vert attribute should be resolved.

Word ignores the vert attribute when the combine attribute is set to true (or equivalent).

e.   The standard states that this element should work within a numbering level definition.

Word does not support this element when used within the run properties of a numbering level definition.

f.   The standard states that this element specifies the East Asian typography settings which shall be applied to the contents of the run.

Word ignores these settings when the run is contained inside an equation, and when the run's direction does not match the direction of the parent paragraph.