SignatureInfoV1 (Office Digital Signature V1 Info)

Provides details on a digital signature in a document.

Child Elements


ApplicationVersion (Application Version)

§, ApplicationVersion

ColorDepth (Color Depth)

§, ColorDepth

DelegateSuggestedSigner (Delegate Suggested Signer)

§, DelegateSuggestedSigner

DelegateSuggestedSigner2 (Delegate Suggested Signer)

§, DelegateSuggestedSigner2

DelegateSuggestedSignerEmail (Delegate Suggested Signer E-mail Address)

§, DelegateSuggestedSignerEmail

HorizontalResolution (Horizontal Resolution)

§, HorizontalResolution

ManifestHashAlgorithm (Manifest Hash Algorithm)

§, ManifestHashAlgorithm

Monitors (Monitor Count)

§, Monitors

OfficeVersion (Office Version)

§, OfficeVersion

SetupID (Setup ID)

§, SetupID

SignatureComments (Signature Comments)

§, SignatureComments

SignatureImage (Signature Image)

§, SignatureImage

SignatureProviderDetails (Signature Provider Details)

§, SignatureProviderDetails

SignatureProviderId (Signature Provider ID)

§, SignatureProviderId

SignatureProviderUrl (Signature Provider URL)

§, SignatureProviderUrl

SignatureText (Signature Text)

§, SignatureText

SignatureType (Signature Type)

§, SignatureType

VerticalResolution (Vertical Resolution)

§, VerticalResolution

WindowsVersion (Windows Version)

§, WindowsVersion

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

 <complexType name="CT_SignatureInfoV1">
     <group ref="EG_RequiredChildren"/>
     <group ref="EG_OptionalChildren" minOccurs="0"/>