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2.1.1724 Part 4 Section, column (Text Box Interior Stroke)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for background, §2.2.1(a) ; object, § ; pict, § ; pict, §2.9.23(a) ; hdrShapeDefaults, § ; shapeDefaults, § ; bottom, §,d-k) .

a. The standard indicates the conditions under which the column element is displayed.

In Office, this element is only displayed if all of the following conditions are met:

The on attribute is true.

The shape’s path is closed with the x command. [Note: This implies that arrow heads should be defined on the stroke attribute. end note]

The shape’s path defines a rectangle with corner coordinates exactly equal to 0,0; 21600,0; 21600,21600; 0,21600. [Example: For example, the following value on the path attribute of the shape element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; shape (Shape Definition)”) satisfies this condition: path="m,l,21600r21600,l21600,xe" end example]

The value of the shape’s spt attribute is 202.

The shape is not stroked.

If the on attribute is false or not specified, the border is not shown.

[Note: The shape is not stroked if one of the following conditions is true:

The value of the on attribute of the stroke element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; stroke (Line Stroke Settings)”) is false.

The on attribute of the stroke element is absent and the value of the shape’s stroked attribute is false.

The on attribute of the stroke element is absent, the shape’s stroked attribute is absent and the value of the stroked attribute of the shapetype element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; shapetype (Shape Template)”) is false.

end note]

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