2.1.200 Part 4 Section, sdt (Cell-Level Structured Document Tag)

a.   The standard does not allow range elements as children of the sdt element.

Word allows the following additional elements as children of the sdt element:

Child Elements

bookmarkEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; bookmarkEnd (Bookmark End)”)

bookmarkStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; bookmarkStart (Bookmark Start)”)

commentRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; commentRangeEnd (Comment Anchor Range End)”)

commentRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; commentRangeStart (Comment Anchor Range Start)”)

customXmlDelRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlDelRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Deletion End)”)

customXmlDelRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlDelRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Deletion Start)”)

customXmlInsRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlInsRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Insertion End)”)

customXmlInsRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlInsRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Insertion Start)”)

customXmlMoveFromRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlMoveFromRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Move Source End)”)

customXmlMoveFromRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlMoveFromRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Move Source Start)”)

customXmlMoveToRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlMoveToRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Move Destination Location End)”)

customXmlMoveToRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; customXmlMoveToRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Move Destination Location Start)”)

moveFromRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; moveFromRangeEnd (Move Source Location Container - End)”)

moveFromRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; moveFromRangeStart (Move Source Location Container - Start)”)

moveToRangeEnd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; moveToRangeEnd (Move Destination Location Container - End)”)

moveToRangeStart (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; moveToRangeStart (Move Destination Location Container - Start)”)