2.1.1697 Part 4 Section, group (Shape Group)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for background, §2.2.1(a); arc, §,kk,mm,oo-ss,uu, vv,bbb-jjj,rrr-www,yyy, zzz,bbbb-hhhh); background, §; curve, §; image, §,e).

a.   The standard states that borderbottom, borderleft, borderright, bordertop, callout, extrusion, fill, formulas, handles, imagedata, path, shadow, signatureline, skew, stroke, textbox, textpath, and textdata are valid children of the group element.

Office does not allow these elements to be children of the group element.

b.   The standard states that the borderbottomcolor, borderleftcolor, borderrightcolor, bordertopcolor, fillcolor, and filled attributes are valid attributes on the group element.

Office does not support these attributes on this element.