Legacy Diagram Text part

Content Type


Root Namespace

not applicable

Source Relationship


An instance of this part type contains a portion of text within a legacy diagram. Each instance of this part type shall uniquely represent a portion of text within a single diagram contained within the presentation.

A package shall contain one Legacy Diagram Text part for each portion of legacy diagram text within the presentation. If they exist, those parts shall each be the target of an explicit relationship from the corresponding VML Drawing part ("[ECMA-376] Part 1 §15.2.17; VML Drawing Part").

The Legacy Diagram Text part is binary information that is defined in the PowerPoint 97-2003 Binary File Format (.ppt) Structure Specification (“[MS-PPT] Section 2.9.76; OfficeArtClientTextbox”).

A Legacy Diagram Text part shall be located within the package containing the source relationship (expressed syntactically, the TargetMode attribute of the Relationship element shall be Internal).

A Legacy Diagram Text part shall not have implicit or explicit relationships to any other part defined by ECMA-376 Office Open XML File Formats [ECMA-376].