2.1.941 Part 4 Section, CUBEKPIMEMBER

a.   The standard does not specify how the relative importance of the KPI can be used on the server when argument kpi-property is 5.

In Excel, a kpi-property value of 5 indicates the relative importance assigned to the KPI on the server. If this KPI is assigned a parent KPI, then this number can be used on the server to proportionally adjust the results of this KPI value when calculating the value of the parent KPI. While this number can be shown in the spreadsheet application, it is assumed that it is used by the server for any calculations affecting the KPI.

b.   The standard states argument kpi-property equal to 6 returns a temporal context of the KPI.

Office returns the unique name of the member in the time dimension that defines the timeframe of the KPI if kpi-property equals 6.