customPropertyEditors (Custom Property Editors List)

This element specifies the list of (and settings for) any XSN files (as specified by InfoPath Form Template Format Structure Specification [MS-IPFF]) that may be associated with this document to edit information in its custom XML data parts.

Child Elements


customPropertyEditor (Custom Property Editor)

§, customPropertyEditor

defaultPropertyEditorNamespace (Default Namespace)

§, defaultPropertyEditorNamespace

showOnOpen (Show On Open)

§, showOnOpen

The following XML Schema fragment defines the contents of this element:

 <complexType name="CT_CustomPropertyEditors">
     <element name="showOnOpen" type="xsd:boolean"/>
     <element name="defaultPropertyEditorNamespace" type="xsd:anyURI"/>
     <element name="customPropertyEditor" type="CT_CustomPropertyEditor" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>