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2.1.1225 Part 4 Section 4.8.11, ST_PhotoAlbumFrameShape (Photo Album Shape for Photo Mask)

a. The standard only documents one description per enumeration value.

Each enumeration value has two possible meanings which will be referred to as “Legacy” and “Standard” in the description section.

Legacy: If the application detects one or more shapes with a blipfill and isPhoto set to true within the non-visual properties for that shape, then the legacy meanings of each enumeration shall be implied.

Standard: For all other cases, the standard meaning shall be implied.

[Example: Consider the shape that has a blip fill applied to it and isPhoto set to true.

<p:nvPr isPhoto="1"/>
<p:spPr bwMode="auto">
<a:blipFill dpi="0" rotWithShape="1">

End example]

The following are possible enumeration values for this type:

Enumeration Value


frameStyle1 (Rectangle Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.8a80be0a-84d7-4059-bf83-ce7ba627d6c7(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.6327940a-4efc-49ee-9447-62d6fb77af5f(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle2 (Rounded Rectangle Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.6e7d576c-512d-4d59-b7cb-9d87ac5812c6(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.9640fe4f-1cb5-4028-8275-b25f5ce12a91(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle3 (Simple White Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.3efdd3fd-ec80-4bc4-bf7e-e93de000e24e(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.aab7426c-bcdc-40bf-af56-7d16e004eadd(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle4 (Simple Black Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.c31c4ae2-22b7-4fa2-bb18-aa1049c82a92(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.68d88ecf-2420-427d-871b-bc93494d453c(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle5 (Compound Black Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.a584820b-83de-47ad-80a8-9462b8fae084(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.299213dc-f2f5-471e-aa0c-aeb80a4742a9(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle6 (Center Shadow Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.1337d2f3-888b-416e-a5e1-6a3f87f9fd86(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.c2ee0601-26f8-40b0-aca2-fecc19c7d59d(en-us,office.12).jpg

frameStyle7 (Soft Edge Photo Frame)

Standard: Ff532687.a15be59a-1d89-4358-8a48-9c5d640d543b(en-us,office.12).jpg

Legacy: Ff532687.ddfe606a-c36b-4b2c-a60b-e48e58192201(en-us,office.12).jpg

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