2.1.1298 Part 4 Section, tblStyle (Table Style)

a.   The standard states that the tblStyle element specifies the formatting for the table.

There is a well defined order to the table part styles that are applied because a cell can belong to many cell part styles (for example, the top left cell is part of the first column as well as the first row). Table part styles are applied in the following order:

  1. Apply whole table part

  2. Apply odd banded row cells

  3. Apply even banded row cells

  4. Apply odd banded column cells

  5. Apply even banded column cells

  6. Apply right column cells

  7. Apply left column cells

  8. Apply bottom row cells

  9. Apply bottom right cell

  10. Apply bottom left cell

  11. Apply top row cells

  12. Apply top right cell

  13. Apply top left cell