2.1.1852 Part 4 Section, Camera (Camera Tool)

a.   The standard indicates that the Camera element is used for cameras, but does not define how a camera object is represented.

In Office, a camera object is a shape that is filled with a live view of a cell range in the same spreadsheet, including all applied styles.  The cell range is defined by the fmlaPict element ("[ISO/IEC-29500-4] §; FmlaPict (Camera Source Range)"), which shall be present.  Shape properties such as the position and size of the camera object are defined by the shape.  The shape shall be a rectangle. The view of the cell range is scaled vertically and horizontally to fill the rectangle exactly.

If this element is specified without a value, it is assumed to be true.  This element is used only on objects for which the value of the ObjectType attribute on the ClientData element ("[ISO/IEC-29500-4] §; ClientData (Attached Object Data)") is Pict. Excel ignores this element on all other object types.