2.1.1712 Part 1 Section, HeadingPairs (Heading Pairs)

a.   The standard does not document restrictions.

In Office, a specific order and variant type is required for each heading pair.  The baseType of the vector should be “variant”. The following table specifies the order and the variant type of each heading pair:

Variant type


lpstr or lpwstr

Specifies the heading for the group


Specifies the number of parts in the group. This value should be a positive integer.

b.   The standard does not include HeadingPairs for SpreadsheetML.

In Excel, the following heading pair values are specified:

Value Pair


SheetType, n

There are n of these types of sheets in the workbook.  SheetType can be one of the following:  Worksheet, Charts, and Dialogs.

Named Ranges, n

There are n named ranges in the workbook.