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Expand All LongProp (Custom XML Server Property - Long Property)

This element specifies the full value of a custom server property that exceeds 255 characters. This property is written out when a document is roundtripped to binary and back, to ensure that the full value of the custom property is not lost. When the first 255 characters of the value of the LongProp agrees with the value of the custom property with the corresponding name, it is assumed that the custom property was not modified when roundtripped; in that case, the LongProp is considered to contain the correct, full property value. If instead the first 255 characters of the value of the LongProp and the custom property of the same name differ, the custom property is assumed to have the more current (and therefore accurate) value for the property.

Parent Elements

LongProperties3., LongProperties)



name (Custom XML Server Property Name)

Specifies the name of the custom property.

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the XML Schema string datatype.

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