2.1.1173 Part 4 Section 4.6.2, animClr (Animate Color Behavior)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for tnLst, §4.6.87(b).

a.   The standard does not state a default value for the clrSpc attribute.

PowerPoint uses a default value of rgb for the clrSpc attribute.

b.   The standard places no restrictions on the value of the attrNameLst element when inside the animClr element.

PowerPoint requires that the valid values of the attrNameLst element are: style.color, fillcolor, and stroke.color. The attrNameLst element must have at least one of these values and only the first one is effective (additional are ignored).

c.   The standard does not specify how to interpret the from child element, the to child element, or the by child element of the animClr element.

In Office, the child element from defines the animation starting color, child element to defines the animation ending color, and child element by defines a color value that shall be added to the starting color to reach the ending color.

If the child element from is not specified, color black is used as the starting color. Either the child element by or the child element to shall be specified. If both the by and the to elements are specified, the by element is ignored.