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2.1.28 Part 1 Section 15.2.5, Custom XML Data Storage Part
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2.1.28 Part 1 Section 15.2.5, Custom XML Data Storage Part

a. The standard does not specify that Office reserves namespaces for storing document properties.

Office reserves the following specific namespaces for storing document properties:

Root Namespace



§, Custom Document Information Panel Schema


§, Custom XSN Schema


§, Content Type Schemas Schema


§, Cover Page Properties Schema


§, Long Properties Schema


Collaborative Application Markup Language (CAML) Structure Specification ([MS-WSSCAML] Subclause

Furthermore, a Custom XML Data Storage part with root namespace of http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/metadata/properties describes the properties of this document as defined by the xsd:schema children of Content Type Schemas (§, Content Type Schemas Schema). The xsd:schema that bears the ma:root Root (§, Shared Attributes) attribute describes the structure of the root element this Custom XML Data Storage part, with the other xsd:schema children collectively describing elements from other namespaces referenced.

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