Downrev Storage

Content Type


Root Namespace


Source Relationship


An instance of this part type contains the information about an OfficeArt object’s bounds and checksum information for the original legacy shape representation of the OfficeArt object represented in the Graphic Frame Doc part.

A DrawingML Persistence Package shall contain only 1 Downrev Storage part.

The root element for a Downrev Storage part shall be downRevStg (§, downRevStg).

[Example: The following Downrev Storage part contains information about a Diagram Object with no text

 <a:downRevStg shapeCheckSum="gcmnapp+jq1ZXL5rE1CguF==&#xA;" textCheckSum="" ver="1" …>
     <a:bounds l="0" t="0" r="3405" b="3855"/>

end example]

A Downrev Storage part shall not have any implicit or explicit relationships to any parts defined by Office Open XML File Formats [ISO/IEC29500:2012].