INCLUDE  field-argument-1  [ field-argument-2 ]  [ switches ]





Description: Inserts all or part of the text and graphics contained in the document named by field-argument-1. If the document is a WordprocessingML document, the portion marked by the optional bookmark field-argument-2 is inserted. If no such bookmark is specified here, the whole document is inserted.

Field Value: The specified text and graphics.

Switches: Zero or more of the following field-specific-switches.

Field specific switches


Prevents this field from being updated unless all fields in the inserted text are first updated in their original document.

\c field-argument

Specifies that the file specified by field-argument-2 shall be processed by a document filter whose name matches the corresponding field-argument value. Possible field-argument values are implementation-defined.

[Example: The following field inserts the portion of the WordprocessingML document referred to by the bookmark Summary:

 INCLUDE "C:\\Winword\\Port Development RFP" Summary

end example]