2.1.462 Part 1 Section, BIBLIOGRAPHY

a.   The standard does not specify default behavior when the \f switch is present without an argument.

In Word, if the argument for \f is not specified, then the language from the \l switch is used if specified.

b.   The standard does mention the acceptance of integer language codes for the \l and \f switches.

Word also accepts integer LCID language codes in addition to BCP47 culture tags.

c.   The standard says \m switch specifies which single source to show in the bibliography.

In Word, the \m switch may be used repeatedly to specify a set of sources to show in the bibliography.

d.   The standard allows the /f and /l switches to supply different locales.

In Word, if the /f and /l switches supply different locales, then the locale supplied with /f is used for /l.