2.1.750 Part 1 Section, dataField (Data Field Item)

a.   The standard does not specify length restrictions for the name attribute.

Office specifies the maximum length of the name attribute shall be 32767, unless pivotTableDefinition@createdVersion is less than 3 in which case the maximum shall be 255.

b.   The standard states the fld attribute specifies the index to the field in the pivotCacheRecords part that this data item summarizes.

In Office, the fld attribute specifies a valid index into the pivotField elements of the pivotFields.

c.   The standard for @showDataAs has a note about cell formatting.

Office for @showDataAs uses the ST_ShowDataAs definition to determine how the dataField should be used rather than the note direction.

d.   The standard does not define a default behavior for the numFmtId attribute.

Office assumes the application uses a default format if the numFmtId attribute is not present.

e.   The standard does not specify restrictions for the baseField attribute.

In Office, if the showDataAs attribute is difference, percent, percentDiff or runTotal, then the baseField attribute value shall be greater or equal to zero and less than the number of pivotField elements in the pivotFields collection.

f.   The standard does not restrict the value of the baseItem attribute.

In Office, if the showDataAs attribute equals difference, percent, or percentDiff, then the baseItem attribute shall be 1048828 (the previous item) or 1048829 (the next item). Otherwise, it is less than the number of item elements in the items collection of the field pointed to by the baseField attribute.