2.1.1189 Part 4 Section 4.6.29, cMediaNode (Common Media Node Properties)

a.   The standard states that the cMediaNode describes the behavior of media elements within an animation.

The child tgtEl element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §4.6.81; tgtEl (Target Element)”) shall contain either a spTgt element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §4.6.72; spTgt (Shape Target)”) that points to a valid media shape or a sndTgt element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §4.6.70; sndTgt (Sound Target)”). A valid media shape is a shape that includes as a child of the nvPr element (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; nvPr (Non-Visual Properties)”) one of the following elements:

videoFile (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; videoFile (Video from File)”)

wavAudioFile (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; wavAudioFile (Audio from WAV File)”)

audioFile (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; audioFile (Audio from File)”)

audioCd (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; audioCd (Audio from CD)”)

quickTimeFile (“[ECMA-376] Part 4 §; quickTimeFile (QuickTime from File)”)