2.1.1585 Part 4 Section, showLegendKey (Show Legend Key)

a.   The standard states that the default value of the val attribute is true.

Office uses a default value of false for this attribute.

This note applies to the following products: 2007, 2007 SP1, 2007 SP2.

b.   The standard does not specify what occurs when legend keys are shown in the data label.

In Office, this element specifies if legend keys shall be shown in the data label(s) indicated by the parent element. The data label legend key has the same formatting as that of the corresponding data's legend key in the chart legend.

c.   The standard does not specify a relationship between sibling elements.

Office only displays the legend key when that val attribute equals true on one or more of the showBubbleSize, showCatName, showSerName, showVal, or showPercent sibling elements or dLbl contains a sibling tx element.