2.1.1796 Part 4 Section, rect (Rectangle)

For additional notes that apply to this portion of the standard, please see the notes for background, §17.2.1(a); arc, §,oo-xx,ccc-lll,nnn,qqq, rrr,ttt-yyy,aaaa, bbbb,dddd-jjjj); curve, §; image, §

a.   The standard places no restrictions on the value of the spt attribute.

Office requires that the spt attribute on a rect element have a value of 1. It is an error to specify this attribute as anything other than the default value, except for the shape and shapetype elements which can handle any valid spt value.

b.   The standard states that chromakey and opacity are valid attributes on the rect element.

Office does not support these attributes on this element.

c.   The standard states that the default value of the spt attribute is 0.

Office uses a default value of 1 for the rect element.

d.   The standard places no restrictions on when the coordorigin and coordsize attributes are preserved on the rect element.

Office only preserves these attributes when this element has at least one of the following child elements:  a path with connection points specified in its connectlocs attribute; a path with a textbox specified in its textboxrect attribute; or handles.

e.   The standard does not mention the gfxdata attribute.

Office uses an gfxdata attribute. The definition is the same as the gfxdata attribute defined in Section