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The HTMLMarqueeElement interface is used to specify a marquee element. For more information about the HTMLMarqueeElement interface, see marquee.

The HTMLMarqueeElement interface has been added, with the following attributes:

  • behavior

  • bgColor

  • dataFld

  • dataFormatAs

  • dataSrc

  • direction

  • height

  • hspace

  • loop

  • onbounce

  • onfinish

  • onstart

  • scrollAmount

  • scrollDelay

  • trueSpeed

  • vspace

  • width

  •  //Introduced in Internet Explorer.
     interface HTMLMarqueeElement : HTMLElement {
                 attribute DOMString       behavior;
                 attribute DOMString       bgColor;
                 attribute DOMString       dataFld;
                 attribute DOMString       dataFormatAs;
                 attribute DOMString       dataSrc;
                 attribute DOMString       direction;
                 attribute DOMString       height;
                 attribute long            hspace;
                 attribute long            loop;
                 attribute Function        onbounce;
                 attribute Function        onfinish;
                 attribute Function        onstart;
                 attribute long            scrollAmount;
                 attribute long            scrollDelay;
                 attribute boolean         trueSpeed;
                 attribute long            vspace;
                 attribute DOMString       width;
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