The Translator Web Widget V2 (Deprecated)

Ff512392.alert_note(en-us,MSDN.10).gif Note

This version of the Translator Widget is now deprecated and will not be supported. You can now upgrade to the new Translator Widget and enjoy the new experience while maintaining all your data! Upgrade here!

Easily use the Microsoft Translator Web Widget for basic website translation scenarios. Simply copy and paste a code snippet anywhere and customize the resulting translator box with different colors and sizes. The widget is always free. Even if you have a paid subscription to the Microsoft Translator API, translations performed with the widget do not deduct from your account balance.

Visitors to a site can then select translation functionality to suit their purposes using the widget. Visitors can always see the oritginal: Once a page has been translated, simply hover the mouse over the translated material to view the original language again. You may exclude specific site content from translation by the widget through the use of the custom attribute translate=no or class=notranslate. Any element with either of these attributes set will be excluded from the widgets translation, giving site owners the necessary control over their content.

The Translator Web Widget Adoption Portal

To begin using the web widget, go to Getting Started with the Microsoft Translator Widget.

The widget gives your site visitors the opportunity to correct the machine translated content to a better translation. You can assign certain visitors the authority to edit or approve edits so that they become authoritative: subsequent visitors will see the approved edit instead of the machine translation. The widget works well together with the Microsoft Translator API, and you can transparently inspect and modify the collected edits with the API. The API also allows you to bulk upload separately or previously done translations, in order to have the widget use them.

NOTE: When subscribing to the Translator service, and you do not plan to use the API, you can confidently sign up for the FREE service - the widget is free and does not deduct from your account balance.

To enable the widget to take user edits, go to Using Collaborative Translations Framework (CTF) through the Widget. Once the widget snippet is generated, copy it to your clipboard and paste it into the html of your site where you would like the translation widget to appear. Certain components of the Microsoft Translator Widget can be manually edited to support customizations. For details, visit Customizing the Web Widget.