Creating Report Datasets from a SQL Azure Database

Microsoft SQL Azure Database is a cloud-based, hosted relational database built on SQL Server technologies. To include data from SQL Azure Database in your report, you must have a dataset that is based on a report data source of type SQL Azure. This built-in data source type is based on the SQL Azure data extension. Use this data source type to connect to and retrieve data from SQL Azure Database.

This data extension supports multivalued parameters, server aggregates, and credentials managed separately from the connection string.

SQL Azure is similar to an instance of SQL Server on your premises and getting data from SQL Azure Database is, with a few exceptions, identical to getting data from SQL Server. SQL Azure Database features align with SQL Server 2008.

For more information about SQL Azure, see "SQL Azure" on

For more information about including data from SQL Azure Database in reports, see Getting Data from the SQL Azure Data Source Type (Report Builder 3.0) in the Report Builder 3.0 documentation on

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