Delete an Attribute Group

Delete an Attribute Group (Master Data Services)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

In Master Data Services, delete an attribute group when you no longer need the tab to display in the Explorer functional area of Master Data Services.

  • Note   When attribute groups exist, attributes that do not belong to an attribute group are not displayed in Explorer. When no attribute groups exist, all attributes are displayed.


To perform this procedure:

To delete an attribute group

  1. In Master Data Services, click System Administration.

  2. On the Model View page, from the menu bar, point to Manage and click Attribute Groups.

  3. From the Model list, select a model.

  4. From the Entity list, select an entity.

  5. Click the plus sign to expand Leaf Groups, Consolidated Groups, or Collection Groups, depending on the type of group you want to delete.

  6. Click the attribute group you want to delete.

  7. Click Delete selected group.

  8. In the confirmation dialog box, click OK.

  9. In the additional confirmation dialog box, click OK.

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