How to: Create a Subscription View (Master Data Services)

Create a subscription view when you want to create a view of your data in the Master Data Services database for use by subscribing systems.

To perform this procedure:

To create a subscription view

  1. In Master Data Manager, click Integration Management.

  2. From the menu bar, click Export.

  3. On the Subscription Views page, click Add subscription view.

  4. In the Create Subscription View Definition pane, in the Subscription view name box, type a name for the view.

  5. From the Model list, select a model.

  6. Select either the Version or Version Flag option, and then select from the corresponding list.


    Create a subscription view based on a version flag. When you lock a version, you can reassign the flag to an open version without updating the subscription view.

  7. Select either the Entity or Derived Hierarchy option, and then select from the corresponding list.

  8. From the Format list, select a subscription view format.

  9. If you chose Explicit levels or Derived levels from the Format list, type the number of levels in the hierarchy to include in the view.

  10. Click Save.

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