Deactivate or Delete Members by Using the Staging Process (Master Data Services)

SQL Server 2012

In Master Data Services, you can deactivate members or delete them completely.

Deactivating means the member can be reactivated. If you reactivate a member, its attributes and its membership in hierarchies and collections are restored. All previous transactions are intact. Deactivation transactions are visible to administrators in the Version Management functional area of the Master Data Manager web application.

Deleting means purging the member from the system permanently. All transactions for the member, all relationships, and all attributes are permanently deleted.


To perform this procedure:

  • You must have permission to insert data into the stg.name_Leaf (for leaf members) or stg.name_Consolidated (for consolidated members) table in the Master Data Services database.

  • You must have permission to execute either the stg.udp_name_Leaf (for leaf members) or stg.udp_name_Consolidated (for consolidated members) stored procedure in the Master Data Services database.

  • The model must not have a status of Committed.

To deactivate or delete members

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