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Add Multiple Conditions to a Business Rule (Master Data Services)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

In Master Data Services, add multiple AND or OR conditions to a business rule when you want a more complex rule.


If you create a business rule that uses the OR operator, consider creating a separate rule for each conditional statement that can be evaluated independently. You can then exclude rules as needed, providing more flexibility and easier troubleshooting.


To perform this procedure:

To add multiple conditions to a business rule

  1. In Master Data Services, click System Administration.

  2. From the menu bar, point to Manage and click Business Rules.

  3. On the Business Rule Maintenance page, from the Model list, select a model.

  4. From the Entity list, select an entity.

  5. From the Member Type list, select a type of member.

  6. From the Attribute list, select an attribute or leave the default of All.

  7. Click the row for the business rule you want to edit.

  8. Click Edit selected business rule.

  9. In the Components pane, expand the Logical Operators node.

  10. Click AND or OR and drag it to the IF pane's AND label.

  11. In the Components pane, expand the Conditions node.

  12. Click a condition and drag it to IF pane, to the AND or OR label from step 10.

  13. In the Attributes pane, click an attribute and drag it to the Edit Condition pane's Select attribute label.

  14. In the Edit Condition pane, complete any required fields.

  15. In the Edit Condition pane, click Save item.

  16. Optionally, to add more conditions, from the Components pane, drag AND or OR to any AND or OR in the IF pane. Then follow steps 13-15.


    To delete a condition, click the name of the condition and in the Edit Condition pane, click Delete item.

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