How to: Correct Business Rule Validation Issues (Master Data Services)

In Master Data Services, correct validation issues when your data has failed validation against business rules. After all members pass validation, you can commit the version.

To perform this procedure:

  • You must have permission to access the Version Management and Explorer functional areas.

  • You must be a model administrator. For more information, see Administrators (Master Data Services).

To correct validation issues

  1. In Master Data Manager, click Version Management.

  2. On the Manage Versions page, from the menu bar, point to Review and then click Validation Issues.

  3. On the Validation Issues and Notification Status page, select the model and version.

  4. In the grid, select the row for the validation issue you want to correct.

  5. Click Go to selected item.

  6. On the Member Information page, find the attribute you need to update and click Edit.

  7. Change the value and click Save.

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