How to: Play Back a Command List

A command list is a recorded list of rendering commands. Use a command list to pre-record drawing commands and play them back later. This topic shows how to play back a command list. A command list can be used to split rendering tasks between threads.

This section describes how to play back a command list. For recording a command list, see How to: Record a Command List.

Ff476886.wedge(en-us,VS.85).gifTo play back a command list

ExecuteCommandList must be executed on the immediate context for recorded commands to be run on the graphics processing unit (GPU). Use the immediate context to feed commands to the GPU for execution, use a deferred context to record commands for playback onto another command list. When you call ExecuteCommandList onto another deferred context, you create a ‘merged’ deferred command list. To run the commands on the merged deferred command list, you need to execute them on the immediate context.

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