Shader Structures

Shader Structures

Structures used to create and use shaders.

D3D11_CLASS_INSTANCE_DESC Describes an HLSL class instance.
D3D11_COMPUTE_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a compute shader to trace.
D3D11_DOMAIN_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a domain shader to trace.
D3D11_FUNCTION_DESC Describes a function.
D3D11_GEOMETRY_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a geometry shader to trace.
D3D11_HULL_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a hull shader to trace.
D3D11_LIBRARY_DESC Describes a library.
D3D11_PARAMETER_DESC Describes a function parameter.
D3D11_PIXEL_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a pixel shader to trace.
D3D11_SHADER_BUFFER_DESC Describes a shader-constant buffer or a shader-texture buffer.
D3D11_SHADER_DESC Describes a shader.
D3D11_SHADER_INPUT_BIND_DESC Describes how a shader resource is bound to a shader input.
D3D11_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes a shader-trace object.
D3D11_SHADER_TYPE_DESC Describes a shader-variable type.
D3D11_SHADER_VARIABLE_DESC Describes a shader variable.
D3D11_SIGNATURE_PARAMETER_DESC Describes a shader signature.
D3D11_TRACE_REGISTER Describes a trace register.
D3D11_TRACE_STATS Specifies statistics about a trace.
D3D11_TRACE_STEP Describes a trace step, which is an instruction.
D3D11_TRACE_VALUE Describes a trace value.
D3D11_VERTEX_SHADER_TRACE_DESC Describes an instance of a vertex shader to trace.


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