D3DX Functions

D3DX Functions

Note  The D3DX (D3DX 9, D3DX 10, and D3DX 11) utility library is deprecated for Windows 8 and is not supported for Windows Store apps.

This section contains information about the following D3DX 11 functions:

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D3DX11CompileFromFile Compiles a shader from a file.
D3DX11CompileFromMemory Compiles a shader from memory.
D3DX11CompileFromResource Compiles a shader from a resource.
D3DX11ComputeNormalMap Converts a height map into a normal map.
D3DX11CreateAsyncCompilerProcessor Creates an asynchronous-data processor for a shader.
D3DX11CreateAsyncFileLoader Creates an asynchronous file loader.
D3DX11CreateAsyncMemoryLoader Creates an asynchronous memory loader.
D3DX11CreateAsyncResourceLoader Creates an asynchronous resource loader.
D3DX11CreateAsyncShaderPreprocessProcessor Creates an asynchronous shader preprocessor.
D3DX11CreateAsyncShaderResourceViewProcessor Creates a data processor for a shader-resource view, asynchronously.
D3DX11CreateAsyncTextureInfoProcessor Creates a data processor for a thread pump.
D3DX11CreateAsyncTextureProcessor Creates a data processor for a thread pump, and load a texture.
D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFile Creates a shader-resource view.
D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromMemory Creates a shader-resource view.
D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromResource Creates a shader-resource view.
D3DX11CreateTextureFromFile Creates a texture.
D3DX11CreateTextureFromMemory Creates a texture.
D3DX11CreateTextureFromResource Creates a texture.
D3DX11CreateThreadPump Creates a thread pump.
D3DX11FilterTexture Generates a mipmap chain.
D3DX11GetImageInfoFromFile Gets information about an image file.
D3DX11GetImageInfoFromMemory Gets information about an image file.
D3DX11GetImageInfoFromResource Gets information about an image file.
D3DX11LoadTextureFromTexture Loads a texture from another texture.
D3DX11PreprocessShaderFromFile Creates a shader without compiling it.
D3DX11PreprocessShaderFromMemory Creates a shader without compiling it.
D3DX11PreprocessShaderFromResource Creates a shader without compiling it.
D3DX11SaveTextureToFile Saves a texture.
D3DX11SaveTextureToMemory Saves a texture.
D3DX11SHProjectCubeMap Projects a function represented in a cube map into spherical harmonics.
D3DX11UnsetAllDeviceObjects Removes all resources from a device.


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