4 Protocol Examples

The protocol is initialized with the following TPCO:

  • Transport: <no value>

  • Protocol version: 1.0

  • Mode: 0x02 (Duplex)

  • Via: net.tcp://SampleServer/SampleApp/

  • Encoding: Binary

The receiver listens for connections at the address on port 802.

The initiator actively establishes a connection to the host at on port 802 (a TCP connection for the specified Via does not already exist).

Both the initiator and the receiver store the TPCO with the established TCP connection as the transport and assume the initiator and receiver roles for the .NET Message Framing Protocol [MC-NMF] respectively.

The protocol exchange proceeds as described in [MC-NMF] section 4.1.

When the initiator receives the final end record, as defined in [MC-NMF] section, the higher layer protocol aborts the connection.