This information level structure is used in TRANS2_FIND_FIRST2 (section and TRANS2_FIND_NEXT2 (section responses to return the file name for all files that match the request's search criteria.

   ULONG      NextEntryOffset;
   ULONG      FileIndex;
   ULONG      FileNameLength;
   UCHAR      FileName[];

NextEntryOffset: (4 bytes): This field contains the offset, in bytes, from this entry in the list to the next entry in the list. If there are no additional entries, the value MUST be zero (0x00000000).

FileIndex: (4 bytes): This field SHOULD<162> be set to zero when sent in a response and SHOULD be ignored when received by the client.

FileNameLength: (4 bytes): This field MUST contain the length of the FileName field, in bytes.<163>

FileName: (variable): This field contains the name of the file.<164>