Per Unique Open

Server.Open: A file or named pipe on the server opened through the established Server.TreeConnect. The following ADM elements are maintained for each open on a server held by a client:

Server.Open.Connection: The SMB connection associated with this open.

Server.Open.Locks: A list of byte-range locks on this open. Each entry MUST include the PID that created the lock. Each entry MUST indicate whether it is a shared (read-only) or an exclusive (read-write) lock. Each entry MUST also indicate if it is using 32- or 64-bit file offsets and MUST be accordingly formatted as either LOCKING_ANDX_RANGE32 or LOCKING_ANDX_RANGE64.

Server.Open.OpLock: An element indicating the type of OpLock, if any, that has been granted on this open. This value MUST be one of None, Exclusive, Batch, or Level II.

Server.Open.OplockState: The current Oplock state of the Open. This value MUST be Held, Breaking, or None.

Server.Open.OplockTimeout: The time value that indicates when an Oplock that is breaking and has not received an acknowledgment from the client will be acknowledged by the server.

Server.Open.PathName: A variable-length string that contains the Unicode path name on which the open is performed.

Server.Open.Session: The SMB session associated with this open. SMB sessions are identified by UID, as described in section

Server.Open.FID: The unique (per-connection) 16-bit FID identifying this open, as described in section The FID MUST be unique on this connection.

Server.Open.PID: The unique (per connection) 32-bit PID provided in the client request that created this open. The PID is described in section

Server.Open.TreeConnect: The tree connect associated with this open. Tree connects are identified by TID, as described in section

Server.Open.FileGlobalId: A numeric value obtained by registration with the Server Service Remote Protocol.

Server.Open.GrantedAccess: The access granted on this open.

Server.Open.MpxMask: The accumulated mask value from all successfully received SMB_COM_WRITE_MPX Requests (section on this open.