This structure contains SAML binding information for a SAML redirect binding. The schema for this type MUST be as follows:

   <complexType name="RedirectBindingType">                                                          
       <element name="RelayState" minOccurs="0" type="string"/>                                                          
       <sequence minOccurs="0">                                                          
         <element name="Signature" type="string"/>                                                          
         <element name="SigAlg" type="string"/>                                                          
         <element name="QueryStringHash" minOccurs="0" type="string"/>                                                          

RelayState:  An opaque BLOB that, if present in the request, MUST be returned in the response, as per [SamlBinding] section 3.4.3.

Signature:  The message signature (if present), encoded as per [SamlBinding] section

SigAlg:  The message signature algorithm (if present), as per [SamlBinding] section

QueryStringHash:  A base64-encoded SHA-1 hash of the redirect query string (if present), for integrity purposes, as per [SamlBinding] section 3.6.4.