2.2.2 Manifest Response

The ManifestResponse field and related fields contain metadata that is required by the client to construct subsequent FragmentRequest messages and play back the received data.

ManifestResponse (variable): Metadata that is required by the client to play back the presentation. This field MUST be a well-formed XML document [XML] that is subject to the following constraints:

  • The document's root element is a SmoothStreamingMedia field.

  • The document's XML declaration's major version is 1.

  • The document's XML declaration's minor version is 0.

  • The document does not use a document type definition (DTD).

  • The document uses encoding that is supported by the client implementation.

  • The XML elements that are specified in this document do not use XML namespaces.

Prolog (variable): The Prolog field, as specified in [XML].

Misc (variable): The Misc field, as specified in [XML].

SmoothStreamingMedia (variable): The SmoothStreamingMedia field, as specified in section

HTTPLiveStreamingMedia (variable): The HTTPLiveStreamingMedia field, as specified in [IETFDRAFT-HLS] section 6.2.2.

The syntax of the fields that are defined in this section, specified in ABNF [RFC5234], is as follows.

 ManifestResponse = prolog [SmoothStreamingMedia / HTTPLiveStreamingMedia] Misc