2.2.4 Fragment Response

The FragmentResponse field and/or related fields encapsulate media and metadata that are specific to the requested fragment.

FragmentResponse (variable): The media and/or related metadata for a fragment.

FragmentFullResponse (variable): A Fragment Response that contains data and metadata.

FragmentMetadataResponse (variable): A Fragment Response that contains only metadata.

FragmentDataResponse (variable): A Fragment Response that contains only data.

FragmentMetadata (variable): Metadata for the fragment.

FragmentData (variable): Media data for the fragment.

The syntax of the fields that are defined in this section, specified in ABNF [RFC5234], is as follows.

 FragmentResponse = FragmentFullResponse 
                    / FragmentMetadataResponse 
                    / FragmentDataResponse
 FragmentFullResponse = FragmentMetadata FragmentData
 FragmentMetadataResponse = FragmentMetadata
 FragmentDataResponse = SampleData
 FragmentMetadata = MoofBox
 FragmentData = MdatBox

The SampleData field, in the preceding ABNF syntax, is specified in section