Open Presentation

The Open Presentation event is used at the start of a viewing session. This event has no effect if the value of the Presentation Available flag is TRUE.

The higher-layer implementation provides the following data element:

  • Presentation URI: A string whose syntax matches the syntax of the PresentationURI field, specified in section 2.2.1.

When the Open Presentation event is triggered, the client sends a Manifest Request message to the server. Creation of the Manifest Request message is subject to the following rule:

  • The value of the PresentationURI field in the Fragment Request is set to the value of the presentation URI data element.

If the processing of the Manifest Request, as specified in section, yields a Presentation Description data element, the client MUST perform the following operations:

  • Set the Presentation Available flag to TRUE.

  • Return the Presentation Description data element to the higher-layer implementation.