Silverlight Application Development for Windows Phone

[Note: This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change in future releases. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]


Silverlight for Windows Phone class library topics are documented in the Silverlight section of MSDN. Also in the same section are conceptual and how to topics to help you understand the differences between the Windows and Windows Phone application platforms.

The following links take you to topics in the Silverlight.



.NET Framework Class Library for Silverlight

Contains the comprehensive list of classes, interfaces, and value types included in Silverlight.

Features Supported in Silverlight for Windows Phone

Contains a list of Silverlight 4 features supported in Windows Phone.

Differences Between Silverlight on Windows and Windows Phone

Describes the implementation differences between Silverlight features on the primary platforms.

Media on Windows Phone

Describes media support in Windows Phone.

Class Library Support on Windows Phone

Describes differences in supported types and members between Silverlight 4 and Silverlight on Windows Phone.

How to: Handle Manipulation Events

Describes how to enable multitouch and handle manipulation events in an application.

How to: Specify SIP Layout in a TextBox

Describes how to control the software input panel layout when using the TextBox control.

To get started writing your first Silverlight application for Windows Phone, see How to: Create Your First Silverlight Application for Windows Phone. You can also participate in community discussions in Microsoft Silverlight.Net Site, Silverlight Forums, Silverlight Team Blog.

To download the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh, go to the Windows Phone Developer Portal.