Globalization and Localization Overview for Windows Phone

This is pre-release documentation for the Windows Phone OS 7.1 development platform. To provide feedback on this documentation, click here. For the Windows Phone OS 7.0 developer documentation, click here.

June 24, 2011

A globalized application targets multiple languages or cultures. A globalized application can display content such as date, time, currency, numbers, calendars and sort order in different formats for specific regions or cultures. For example, in the U.S. the date is displayed as month/day/year, but the date is displayed differently in other countries or regions. A globalized application also supports different input methods provided by the operating system.

New for Windows Phone OS 7.1 

East Asian language support, including:

  • New display languages

  • New UI fonts

  • New reading fonts

  • New international features on the phone

For more information, see Font Support for Windows Phone and Culture and Language Support for Windows Phone.

User interface space is limited on mobile devices; therefore, good planning is essential to keep the user experience the same for all languages. For more information about how to design your user interface, see Localization Best Practices for Windows Phone.