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2.2.11 [W3C-P3P1.0] Section 5.3, The DATA-DEF and DATA-STRUCT elements


The specification states:

Define a data element or a data structure, respectively. Data structures are 
reusable structured type definitions that can be used to build data elements. Data 
elements are declared within a <STATEMENT> in a P3P policy to describe data covered 
by that statement.

The following attributes are common to these two elements:

name (mandatory attribute)
Indicates the name of the data element or data structure. Remember that names of 
data element and data structures are case-sensitive, so, for example, user.gender 
is different from USER.GENDER or User.Gender. Furthermore, in names of data 
elements and structures no number character can appear immediately following a dot.

URI reference ([URI]), where the fragment identifier part denotes the structure, 
and the URI part denotes the corresponding data schema where it is defined. The 
default base URI is a same-document reference ([URI]). Data elements or data 
structures without a structref attribute (and, so, without an associated structure) 
are called unstructured.

a string denoting the short display name of the data element or structure, no more 
than 255 characters.
The DATA-DEF and DATA-STRUCT elements can also contain a long description of the 
data element or structure, using the LONG-DESCRIPTION element.

All Document Modes (All Versions)

The DATA-DEF and DATA-STRUCT elements are not supported.

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