2.2.5 [W3C-P3P1.0] Section 2.4.1, Non-ambiguity


The specification states:

 If a user agent discovers more than one non-expired P3P policy for a given URI (for 
 example because a page has both a P3P header and a link tag that reference 
 different policy reference files, or because P3P headers for two pages on the site 
 reference different policy reference files that declare different policies for the 
 same URI), the user agent MAY assume any (or all) of these policies apply as the 
 site MUST honor all of them.

All Document Modes (All Versions)

Only one policy for a given URI is recognized. The following ranking determines which policy applies:

  1. The policy from the well-known location is given priority

  2. The policy from the P3P header, if one exists and is different from the well-known location

  3. The policy from the HTML link tag, if one exists and is different from both the well-known location and P3P header